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Maria Montana
Maria Montana

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 165lbs
Hometown: Johnston City
Age: 26
Years Wrestling:  3
Gimmick:  Country Girl
Wrestling Style:  Submission  & Pro wrestling (Mainly)
Titles Held:  Babyface
Career Record: don't know
Career Highlight: don't know
Biggest Win:
Worst Loss:
Favorite Type Of Match:  Pro
Favorite Move/Hold: Collect Steven King ; Arnoald Shwneigh; Jon Claude Vandam
Favorite Pro Wrestler and why: Rock     Love his attitude....
Wrestling Ambition:
Maria's Personal Notes: I Love to wrestle, box, etc. Just have fun. I consider myself to be a country girl. Love to county
dance, go horse back riding, camping, riding eletriconical bulls. Drop me a line