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Maria Montana

Catch Maria:


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June 8, Branson, MO:   Maria's first match was against the little known Tasha Simone.  Tasha stuck to pullingTasha Simone hair causing Maria to lose a lot of her beautiful golden tresses.  Tasha came out strong, and Maria was unable to recover, and quickly lost the match.   Crystal Carmichael was Maria's second match.    Maria started out in control with a double arm drag. Crystal quickly escaped by jumping out of the ring, only to come back with some hair pulling and cheating.    As soon as Maria regained control of the match, Crystal again jumped out of the ring accusing Maria of messing up her makeup. When Ms. Carmichael finally re-entered the ring, she came back with a surprise drop kick.  Maria tiring of Crystals antics applied her solid Boston crab.  Crystal CarmichaelMs. Carmichael was able to escape a couple of times, but I finally Maria wore her down enough that when she applied it the third time, there was no way out, and Ms Carmichael had to choice.  It was either submit or face future paralysis, and she surrendered.   Finally, Maria entered the battleroyal; however,  by this time she was pretty wore out from her two previous battles that  it didn't take much for Robbie Rage to overcome her and kick her out of the ring unexpectedly.    Maria says Robbie will pay for that in the future.
March 16, Herrin, IL: Maria came out fast catching Lady Vendetta off balance. However it did not take her long to resort to hair pulling. She tried to rip out all of Maria's beautiful golden locks as well as embarrass her in front of her many fans. But Maria came back strong in the end and tied Lady Vendetta up in her special boston crab. Once applied, Lady Vendetta had no choice but to submit. Chalk up another win for our heroin. Way to go Maria!  (Pics of the Match Soon)
Maria conquers Lady Vendetta
Maria finishes Lady Vendetta off with a well applied Boston Crab.    Maria says any woman getting in the ring with her can expect the same.
April 20: Nashville: Maria wrestled two shows in Nashville .. One at the fair grounds, the other I'm not sure. She  wrestled Little Jennie winning the first match with a small package.  Little Jeannie had to resort to illegal tactics in the last match in order to defeat Maria.  Little J rolled her into the ropes to score the win..