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Action Photos
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Maria Montana
backbreakertasha.JPG (18048 bytes)
Maria gets her licks in too, as she removes some of Tasha's tresses while putting pressure on her back.
kneedroptasgha.JPG (26360 bytes)
Maria continues to work on Tasha's back in an attempt to weaken her foe.
headscissor.JPG (20592 bytes)
After weakening Tasha's back, Maria goes to stretching her neck a little.  Tasha does not appear to be liking this much at all.
mariaheadscissorstasha.JPG (21097 bytes)Tasha is trying to relieve some of the pressure on her back, but at what price??


maria.JPG (23503 bytes)Maria recovers from Crystals dropkick
crystalloses.JPG (24370 bytes)Another one bites the dust as Maria skillfully applies her pattened backbreaker on Crystal. I'm the condition of her makeup is the last thing on Crystal's mine at this point.
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