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Maria Montana
Maria Montana

Don't let her having the looks of the girl next door fool you, Maria can mix it up with the best of them.  Maria likes to work by the rules, but if her opponent wants to fight dirty, Maria can give it back with equal enthusiasm.  Her initial training at WCSSW in submission wrestling really enhanced her ability to take on any opponent and beat them with ease. Maria started out in submission wrestling for WCSSW.    There I learned I had what it took to go pro.   I thought that would be neat so I started at  Harley Race's school.  I left the school but I did not quit wrestling.  I began training with Candy Divine along with the South Broadway group out of St. Louis.   Not long after I did my first pro show with the PGWA and now it just in the blood; once you start you can't stop. I Love it!!

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hometown: Johnston City
Age: 26
Started Wrestling:  1997
Organizations: PGWA, WLW, OWWA, ACW, WCSSW
Gimmick:  Maria is just a good country girl who is kinda shy and sweet, but has a bad temper when riled.
Wrestling Style:  Submission  & Pro wrestling.  I try to play by the rules  but have the tendency to break them every once in a while. Of course the other girl deserves it.
Titles Held:  None at this time.
Career Record:
Career Highlight:
Biggest Win:  Lailani Kai / Amber Holley
Worst Loss: Shelby Beach
Favorite Type Of Match:  Pro,  NO-Holds Barred power wrestling.
Favorite Move/Hold: Choke Hold
Favorite Pro Wrestler and why:  Rock, Love his attitude....Sweet Destiny she got me into pro style wrestling.
Wrestling Ambition:
I don't think I'll ever be famous, but I hope a lot of people know my name...I want to be one of the best before I'm done..

Maria's Personal Notes: I Love to wrestle, box, etc,  Collect Steven King, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jon Claude Van Dam.  Just have fun. I consider myself to be a country girl.  I love to county dance, go horseback riding, camping, and riding electric bulls.   I grew up in a small town. My favorite band would CDB my favorite singer Loretta Lynn. I have two horses,three dogs, and a cat. My local Fellow wrestlers would be ACW. I like to play pool, dance, movies,and to go see a comedy.  My favorites are Rodeo Clowns. Oh and I can't forget I like to ride on my motorcycle and ski boat..

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Beautiful Maria Montana