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Action Photos
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Maria Montana
Maria shows her power vs Candi Divine
One of Maria's many opponents, Candi Devine suffers at the hands, er legs of Maria.
Maria showing Candi who's boss!
(1) Candi getting a taste of Maria's medicine.  (r) Maria looking confident before her match with Candi.
Ms. Divine preparing to toss Maria to the mat.
Candi takes Maria to the mat.

Candi educates the youngster via a surfboard!

Maria about to experience Candi's surfboard.

Candi getting even with Maria

Candi exacting her revenge on Maria after the beating she received.   (Photo courtesy of Special Events.)
Photo Credits: Special Events' Spring Fling..held in Charlotte, NC on April 8th, 2000. This event was promoted by
Special Events and sanctioned by the PGWA
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